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Those in dentistry are under pressure and stress everyday.

As I work with those in the dental profession, they tell me of the challenges of running a business, long hours, team issues, back pain, and anxious patients. All are a normal part of dentistry. The stresses they face on a daily basis can take a great toll.

DR. JOEL was a popular dentist in Atlanta.

He helped many cast members at the historic Fox theater and treated athletes in the Atlanta Olympics. A nationally acknowledged expert in advanced cosmetic dentistry, he enjoyed travel, skiing, and boating. Joel died of a heart attack at 60.

DR. JUDITH was a dentist in Baltimore.

She and her husband ran a successful practice together. Her friends said she had a real passion for living. Family, friends, work, and her home were her priorities. She was a fantastic mom, too. Judith died from breast cancer when she was only 45.

DR. BOB was a dentist outside of San Jose.

He was immediate past president of the Rotary Club. Everybody liked Bob. His friends said he made people around him feel happy and cared about. Then one day he took his dog for a walk. He didn't come back. Bob died of a heart attack at the age of 53.

The price of success often comes at the expense of a dentist’s physical health.

They struggle with eating habits that are not the best, lack of time for productive physical activity, and a number on the scale that just keeps going in one direction. And most of them have heard stories just like those of Joel, Judith, and Bob.

David's Signature In-Person Program:

The Heart Of Dentistry

In this full-day program, David Meinz addresses the most critical aspects of what it takes to personally maximize a dental professional's health and quality of life, and how can they can help their patients do the same.

Health promotion expert David Meinz and author of the book Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise: How Dental Professionals Can Make Sure Their Health Lasts As Long As Their Money Does, reveals:

David will share important information dental professionals can use for both family and patients, plus an update on the oral/systemic connection.

AND, EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE will have the opportunity to have a simple, personal, evaluation of their heart health.

Then to wrap it up, David closes with a fun Jeopardy style game show using members from the audience. They will love it!

For Over 25 Years, David Has Been 

Helping Dental Audiences...


Performance and Productivity


Professional and Personal Energy


Patient Oral and Total Health

David's program "The Heart of Dentistry" and new book "Wealthy, Healthy, & Wise: How Dental Professionals Can Make Sure Their Health Lasts As Long As Their Money Does" have been receiving great reviews.

“Coffee, Tea, or Caffeine-Free?”

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Robyn Goldman, Indiana Dental Assoiciation

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